Why is Christian Science called a “Science”?

Stock Photos Close-up of a dictionary © Glow Images.

Stock Photos Close-up of a dictionary © Glow Images.

Thanks to Lee Woodward, Granger, Indiana for this guest blog.

The popular dictionary Merriam-Webster reports that because of having the largest increase in online lookups, “science” was the “Word of the Year” for 2013.

The publishing company’s editor at large explains something of why this increase came about, “A wide variety of discussions centered on science this year, from climate change to educational policy. It’s a topic that has great significance for us.”

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definitions for this special word include the following:


  1. Dave Horn says

    Thanks for sharing news of the “word of the year.” It’s inspiring to hear different Hoosier voices share the blessings of Christian Science.

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