Prayer not impossible for cancer recovery

Stock Photos Senior Woman In Prayer
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Author:  Katie Brown (former COM for Indiana)

“World Cancer Day is a chance to raise our collective voices in the name of improving general knowledge around cancer and dismissing misconceptions about the disease,”  according to the Union for International Cancer Control. One misconception not covered by their website that I’d like to add is the difference prayer can make in recovery from cancer. One that scientists are beginning to study more and more as not being impossible.

To illustrate how prayer matters, I’d like to share an experience my friend’s mother had. When her mother was in her sixties, she   began to suffer from an undiagnosed female disease. Accustomed to turning to God for prayer (having come into Christian Science when healed of eczema in her twenties), she naturally turned to God for healing.

This devoted church attendee spent several years praying and growing in her understanding of God and her relationship to Him, often speaking with a Christian Science practitioner, someone who prays with one for healing. But there came a day that she was so fearful that she decided to make an appointment with a medical physician for a physical diagnosis. She talked with the physician about praying, finding him aware of the value and healing power of spiritual thinking.

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  1. Sher Wolf says

    Katie, your blog echoes a note of authenticity for those struggling with such a challenge. I decided to devote my Wednesday service to “Curing the Incurable” in counteracting Cancer Awareness Day. Thanks!

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