Lighting the Torch


Stock Photos Lake Of The Woods, Ontario, Canada, Torch Burning Brightly AT Night © Glow Images.
Stock Photos Lake Of The Woods, Ontario, Canada; Torch Burning Brightly At Night © Glow Images.

Thank you to Sharon Vincz Andrews, Bloomington, Indiana, for this guest blog.

The Olympic torch is making its way across Russia. January  9th it arrived in Saransk, Moldavia where 250 torchbearers on skis and BMX bikes covered the streets. January 12th, 190 citizens of the Russian city of Tambov hosted the torch as it moves toward Sochi, ending in a ceremony that included the largest winter hat ever knitted6.2 miles of wool yarn to make!

While joy and ethnic merriment accompany this flaming symbol, discontent and even anger seem to be brewing onsite in the southern resort town of Sochi on the Black Seathe Olympic village itself. A state-of-the-art speed skating arena, a vast complex of hotels, and a new high-speed rail system have been viewed as “a living nightmare” by locals. “Critics at home and abroad have slammed what they call corruption and mismanaged spending of mythic proportions.”

Progress versus resistance? Ethics versus corruption? How does the clear spiritual thinker support this international effort at cooperation and brotherhood? Mihir Bose of The Guardian, who carried an Olympic torch in the 2006 Turin Winter Games gives us some clues: “Sport is simultaneously a global language and a creator of personal and local identity. A contest in a popular sport is one of the few experiences which can be understood, and excite passion, by people all over the world regardless of language, culture or intellect.”

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  1. Sher Wolf says

    Someone just mentioned recently concerning the definition of church you stated to think of Truth and Love working together for each other and not against each other. Truth proceeds from strengthening Principle and Love wraps up all in a protective shield of Good, each supporting the other. I love that. Maybe we could apply that to the Olympics as the sport of Principle and the sport of Love overtaking, overwhelming any lesser sport appearing as practices of greed, inequities, fear, resistance, personal agendas. The higher operating sport of God excels His children to heights unknown before. This can be the true sport of the nations. Thanks, Sharon, for pointing us towards the Olympics.

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